Cincomancia is a helper for Cinco Paus.

Click to cycle through statuses.

TEAL means tested absent. If tested only until a certain slot, click the slot to assign. LIGHT TEAL means partly tested.

For example, if you get Impar e Par where you could've gotten Alvo Preciso, you can only conclude Alvo Preciso isn't in the slots before Impar e Par. Click Alvo Preciso to make it TEAL, then click the slot containing Impar e Par to change Alvo Preciso to LIGHT TEAL.

RED means present. Click a slot to assign. Click the numeral to reassign.

BLUE means ruled out by exclusion and sequence rules. LIGHT BLUE means ruled out for at least half of the remaining slots OR diminished probability due to another instance of the effect on another wand.

PURPLE means forgotten. You can use it temporarily to visualize consequences. LIGHT PURPLE means ruled out for slots that have not been forgotten.

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